The role of the judiciary and international cooperation to promote the safety of journalists

For this conference, UNESCO and members of the Group of Friends on the Safety of Journalists will discuss effective ways to strengthen international cooperation, like special procedures, as well as the role of the judiciary - including judges, prosecutors and lawyers, and regional human rights courts and judicial training institutes- in promoting the safety of journalists and fighting impunity for crimes committed against them. While examining the gender dimension in each session, special emphasis will be placed on gender-based crimes and the particular challenges women journalists face when seeking justice.

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Through the journalist empowerment for the exercise of their rights as main users of the access to information laws (you), UNESCO Accra Office and DW Akademie collaborated to develop build capacity Ghanaian journalists on investigative journalism and digital safety.

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Scientists estimate that humanity has ten years left to solve the unprecedented global environmental challenges it faces. It is clear that continuing as usual in the world economy does not work and that we must find ways to make progress exponential for face environmental challenges, including climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution management. Big data, artificial intelligence (HE) and digital transformation can play an essential role in order to ensure environmental sustainability and sustainable development.

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