The UNESCO Chair for Research in Communication is directly linked to the main priorities of UNESCO, as well as specifically set in its Medium-Term Strategy (2008-2013). This Chair is born, therefore, with a vocation for service and collaboration. Service to the research community, both within our borders, as looking first towards the South, on the other side of the Atlantic and also towards the North. Equally, This Chair belongs to the Orbicom global network of UNESCO Chairs specialized in Communication.

Under the auspices of UNESCO and the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM) , in 1994, Orbicom is consolidated today as a global network with 250 associate members and 30 UNESCO Chairs in Communication. In each of the Chairs participate leaders and professors of communication processes, both private and public sector involved. The international collaboration of academics, leaders of the business world, public policy consultants and specialists in media, make Orbicom a unique network of its kind, for its multidisciplinary nature in the promotion of the communications development.

This UNESCO Chair for Research in Communication, promoted by the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos focuses its activity in the field of high-level research and communication teaching. Our mission connects directly to one of the main statements of the UNESCO objectives, as is the promotion of intercultural dialogue through education, science, the culture of communication and information, considering that the Chair focuses on research in communication.

Our goals are ....

Intercultural dialogue
Knowledge transfer