Happening and Communication: A history of journalism

Book written by Carlos Lozano Ascencio

The author defends that journalism is a communicative social practice, but not the first. Thus, the backbone of this history of journalism are the representations of each historical period in which it is perceived, the event is deciphered and communicatively constructed. This characteristic justifies that the text begins practically from the moment in which the human species is capable of becoming an actor of communication.. Only in this way can the reader appreciate the evolution of communication skills that have accompanied the human species from its earliest origins to the present.

The temporal range is very wide and, for the same, it is necessary to do the tour so as not to take expressive skills for granted, the technological capabilities and interpretive skills of subjects from different eras. The author maintains that communication skills, used in certain situations, I know delimit space-time and they are neither gratuitous nor unjustified.