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TV intersections: opportunities and barriers

open call for special monograph

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Television remains the most important medium in our daily lives despite the growing strength of the digital ecosystem. In fact, TV programs have been integrated gradually into the new production trends, distribution and consumption of these times with increasing success. It has not been an easy process and even various difficulties emerging from the cultural characteristics and specific needs of different socioeconomic contexts manifest, including information and communication imbalances that impact the development processes of countries and in building just societies for all. In this point, exchanges of all kinds-from content, process, of legislation, of technologies- doing television networks generate a dynamic performance that is changing not only specific aspects of reality television but also values ​​that continually mediate through sociocultural contexts. Unesco Research Chair in Communication from the University Rey Juan Carlos invites all authors who wish to contribute to a new monograph in preparation focused on television intersections between different cultural contexts and media. Among the aspects to be addressed in the monograph can be considered, but not exclusively, the following:
  • The Spanish audiovisual production on television in various sociocultural settings.
  • International television production in the Spanish media space.
  • mutual influences among Spanish-speaking television stations in different cultural contexts.
  • The Spanish television space facing the challenges of globalization.
  • TV, identities and cultural diversity.
  • Television and media regulation.
Shipping: Those interested should refer directly, magazine of our Department of Communication Sciences and Sociology at our university: Communication Index, Full articles, between 6.000 and 10.000 words, Always in MS Word format and according to the rules editing, To consult here. The original must be sent here.

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