The research system in Spain on social communication practices: Projects Map, Groups, Lines, Objects of study and Methods, it's a study object that has been institutionalized as a disciplinary field, but not accompanied by an objective analysis of the Projects, Groups, Lines, Objects and methods that make up a picture that urges to be known.

Its purpose, therefore, is developing a Map Project, Groups, Lines, Objects of study and Research Methods about the social practices on communication in Spain, so in that way, serve as a reference to the national and regional entities responsible for evaluating applications and reports in the calls for projects, and promote scientific policies for the network coordination of research teams.

With MapCom 2 (2014-2018), They will be updated and added aspects developed by the R & D Project Excellence MapCom 1, so the analysis of a decade of research productivity in communication will be completed in the Spanish university: PhD thesis, R & D projects, Scientific articles, Congress communications, reference books and research groups.

IP: Carmen Caffarel
Co-IP: Carlos Lozano