Mrs. Patricia Izquierdo Iranzo

Researcher of the Chair

PhD in Information Sciences by the UCM, 2004 and Contracted Professor Doctor of the URJC (2002-2007 and from 2013 to the present). Director of the Instituto Cervantes from Salvador de Bahia and Recife (Brazil) y Utrecht (Netherlands), between 2008 and 2012, and Coordinator of the Afro-descendant program of the Women for Africa Foundation (2013-2016). Working languages: English, Portuguese, Dutch, italiano.

What teacher teaches subjects in the field of Research Methods and Communication Management (degree and doctorate level), and on Intercultural Communication (master level). Their lines of investigation they focus on: Communication and cultural diversity; Digital society and education, social media and informal learning; Meta-research in Communication.

It has 2 six-year terms, one in research (1/01/2014) and another in transfer (1/01/2019), and with 2 Docentia sections (2015 and 2018).

Author of some thirty scientific publications being in the 67,84% of them reference author (only 46,42% or first place 21,42%). Among others he has published in the 2 best magazines in your area: To communicate (Q1 in JCR and Scopus) and The Information Professional JCR IF 1,580, Scopus SJR 0,480.

Participation in 6 research projects, 3 of which are competitive R&D of the national plan. Also in 5 art contracts. 83, , in 3 of them as IP Currently participating in: Maps of research in Communication in the Spanish universities of 2007 A 2018 (ref.: PGC2018-093358- B-I00) as a member of the MDCS research group of excellence (UCM). Participation in more than thirty national and international scientific meetings: , in 19 with communication accepted after blind review, 8 invited as an expert, 1 inaugural conference; involved in the organization of 5 and director of 2 days organized with competitive financing.

From his scientific production stand out: