Mrs. Gemma Teso

Researcher of the Chair

Doctor in Sociology, Communication program, Social Change and Development, Complutense University of Madrid. Extraordinary Doctorate Award. Degree in Audiovisual Communication and Expert in the preparation of Reports and Documentaries (UCM). Professor of Communication Theory and Research Methodology in Social Communication at the Faculty of Information Sciences and professor of the Master of Digital Journalism and New Trends at the Rey Juan Carlos University.

Career teaching officer in the specialty of Processes and Communication Media of the Ministry of Education of the Community of Madrid with final assignment to the Center for Audiovisual and Graphic Training IES Puerta Bonita, where he is the holder of the subjects of Planning and Management of Audiovisual Production and Planning of Audiovisual Production. Before engaging in teaching and research, job 10 years on radio and television en el ente público Radio Televisión Madrid principalmente.

Is investigadora del Dialectical Mediation Group of Social Communication (MDCS) of the UCM, and currently serves as coordinator of the Climate Change Communication Observatory constituted in 2019 between ECODES and the MDCS group.

Among the research articles published are: