In the midst of the pandemic that we are experiencing, we believe that it was necessary to reflect on the communication processes generated around the health crisis, the phenomena of misinformation and fake news that we live day by day, difficulties in the dynamics of consensus in public opinion and institutional and ethical challenges to manage information today.

Policies and communication strategies in public spaces during the management of the pandemic
Adaptations of media environments and new professional practices
Ethics and professionalism of the media in the treatment of information in catastrophe contexts
Construction of global stories about the pandemic from the media and civil society.
Information reception and consumption processes in the Covid-19 era
Reconfigurations of public opinion in the face of the impact of the pandemic in our daily lives
Understanding the evolution of disinformation and fake news processes amid the Covid-19 health crisis
Educational innovation and adaptation of training processes in the field of communication amid social distancing
Knowledge and experiences on the value of communication research for dialogue in societies in crisis
Unesco contributions and initiatives of communication professionals to manage information in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic